Fabrics obtained from recycled raw material

PUGI RG is constantly searching for innovative materials with an eye to both the future and sustainability. The effort behind the development of new fabrics follows the needs of the market, as well as design and functionality requirements, while striving to keep these all connected.

Just as there is no single design solution that can fit all circumstances, in the same way, there is no such thing as a universal sustainability solution. This is the reason why each product conveys different aspects of our increasing eco-conscious approach.

Our global approach, which ranges from the use of raw materials up to our production methods, is aimed at promoting long-term environmental durability.

Your contribution to impact reduction & sustainable textiles

Environmental savings - indication per 1 kg*
Water Liters
CO2 Kg
Energy kWh

*REMOkey® calculates the environmental savings in terms of CO2eq emissions, energy and water consumption. The calculation is based on a Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) approach, which considers only the replacement of the raw material with recycled material. This analysis is carried out using the ‘Modint Ecotool’ software, developed by CE Delft, based on generally accepted LCA databases, international studies, literature and company data.

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