The recycled content of this shirt is 100%. We couldn’t go higher, even if we wished so. Reducing the use of virgin raw material is the best way to reduce waste and the use of water and electricity.


The recycling process that has been developed for this shirt is very efficient and allows us to create products with low carbon emissions and reduced water and electricity consumption. Analyzing the recycling process with REMOkey and integrating full traceability in our supply chain allows us a deeper understanding and control over the product we are bringing to our customers and friends.


We made a promise to remove twice the carbon emissions of our products by filtering the air you breathe. We collaborate with Climeworks, a swiss based company, that develops a technically sophisticated process and enables us to reverse climate change by extracting CO2 from the ambient air.

The impact reduction of 1 TERRRA T-shirt (200 gr) results in these SAVINGS:


filling a bathtub


charging your phone


of coffee


charging your laptop

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